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Virtual Coaching

Choose From The Following Packages 

Or Ask About Hourly Rates


One Day To Catapult Your Success 

4 Hours

This assessment and planning day will give you the quick start you need to catapult your results.  Taking the time to do this 1 or 2 day session will help you make the work faster and easier for you. This Quick Start session will equip you to get and stay organized for the rest of your life, at home or at work. 

The Session Includes

Quick Start

Paper Work 

The S.O.R.T. System

Email - Clear & Automate

Define Your Vision

Time Management 

Creating & Implement Systems


A Quick Start Day  &

Real Transformation In Just 3 Sessions

13 Hours

We will begin with a Quick Start Day of assessing and planning. Next, we will work together in your space through virtual sessions. Each session will be followed up with coaching calls to make sure it works.

Choose Your Area


 Closet & Laundry               Kitchen & Pantry

 Home Office                    Bath & Linen

All - In


Streamline Your Entire Life In Just 3 Months To Finally Gain Control Of Your Time And Space

22 Hours

We start with a Quick Start Day for planning, meet twice a month virtually in your space to go through the clutter, set up your systems and develop the habits you need to

keep your life organized. 

Additional Resources To Support You



            Worksheets              Labels

            Decision Criteria       Strategies

            Checklists                Basic Containers

Perfection Is Highly Overrated. Real Learning And Growth Come From Imperfection.

- Felicia Waltington

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