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Meet The Team

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Ruth Guerrier  

Owner  & Professional Organizer

 I wasn’t always organized. I  once filtered all of my natural organizing skills into work and totally neglected to organize my home and personal life.  At work,  I would meet all of my deadlines and all of my goals but I failed to give that same type of energy and focus to myself. When I got married, that lack of balance quickly surfaced. I began making a few changes but it wasn’t until we had our son that I realized that I really needed to get my life organized. Especially if I was going to be a wife, a mom, work and keep my sanity! So I began using my organizing techniques at home. I was amazed at how it immediately removed the stress in my daily routine and gave me so much peace of mind. When I started my organizing business, I was able to easily relate to so many hard-working women that deal with some of the same challenges that I went through. I realized I could help change others’ lives through what I taught myself. Working with other women and helping them balance their work and personal life is my passion because I know how much it has truly changed my life.

  • Born & Raised In San Antonio, TX 

  • Live In & Love Atlanta, GA 

  • Mom To The Funniest Little Boy Ever

  • Wife To A Man Who Loves Jesus & Cars

  • Self-Acclaimed Food Connoisseur

  • Guilty Pleasure: Cake For Breakfast


Kionna | Lead Organizer

Bringing order into a space gives me a deep feeling of joy and fulfillment! I love to see how much of a difference a little organizing and repositioning can make!  I can honestly say, that I love what I do!


Sara | Lead Organizer

Organizing is therapy for me. I like getting in a zone and doing the work to transform a space. There is a great satisfying feeling when a project is complete! 



Assistant Organizer


Assistant Organizer

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Casey | Lead Organizer

The thing that I love most about helping others get organized is the stress and anxiety that I can see leave a persons body as their room, office or basement becomes orderly. 



Assistant Organizer

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Hazel | Lead Organizer

I have been organizing for years. I love the opportunity to work with this team and change lives one space at a time. 



Assistant Organizer

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