Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Home Organizer in Atlanta

A professional home organizer does more than declutter and organize your closets. The ultimate goal of using a professional home organizer is to decrease stress, increase happiness, and unlock time and energy in your life to achieve your goals.

Whether you’ve always lacked an organization system, recently moved and need help finding a home for every item, or simply looked around and realized you have an overwhelming amount of clutter, a professional home organizer can transform your rooms into a functional and beautiful space.

But what is a professional home organizer? What do they do exactly and how can they help your home and your life? And how do you find the best one to use here in Atlanta?

If you’ve ever wondered what a professional organizer does, the benefits of hiring one, and how organizing can help you achieve your goals, then read on! In this article, we will cover:

  1. What is a professional home organizer?
  2. Why should I hire a professional home organizer?
  3. What are the steps in hiring a professional organizer?
  4. What are the top 7 reasons to hire a home organizer?
  5. How do I get started?

What is a professional home organizer?

An organizer provides professional hands-on decluttering and organizing services. Home organizers work with you to declutter and organize your space to simplify and streamline your home and/or business.

A professional organizer offers several different services, from decluttering any room in the house such as pantries and closets, or helping you organize for a move with packing, unpacking, and moving logistics. Professional home organizers are very different from a cleaning service because a cleaning services would clean around the clutter or move items around, while a home organizer will help you find a home for everything.

Why should I hire a professional home organizer?

You may be wondering: why should I hire a professional organizer? People who are very busy managing work, life, and/or family, often lack the time to fully devote to decluttering and organizing their home. If you are having a hard time finding the time to get things decluttered and organized, it’s time to hire a professional home organizer.

For example, if you’ve found yourself purchasing a ton of organizing products and books and expect to do it yourself, but still feel overwhelmed after getting these things, it might be time to invest in a home organizer. Or if you find yourself avoiding a certain room or area of your home because it’s too overwhelming to even begin to address the amount of stuff to sort through, then a professional organizer can certainly help.

Learn more about why others are hiring professional organizers and check out what our clients have to say about our services.

Another indication it might be time to hire a home organizer is when you notice your cleaning service comes through, but your home still feels cluttered and messy. If any of these scenarios resonates with you, read on to learn what steps you can take to hire a home organizer and discover more benefits of home organizing services.

What are the steps in hiring a professional home organizer?

Once you’ve decided a home organizer is what you need to declutter your space, how do you get started?

The first step is to set up a complimentary consultation. During the initial meeting, the home organizer will visit your space and discuss your goals, timeline and budget for the project. The organizer may also take photos for reference and measure your space for custom solutions designed for you. After the meeting, the organizer will send over a custom proposal for your needs.

If you decide to move forward with the home organizing service, you’ll arrange a start date and kick off the decluttering and organizing process.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional organizer?

Now you know a bit more about what a professional home organizer is and how to hire one. But what are the benefits to hiring a home organizer? In this article, we will cover the following reasons to use a professional organizer:

  1. Declutter Your Space – and Your Mind
  2. Save Time and Money
  3. Custom Tips and Tricks
  4. Expertise and Experience
  5. No Judgement Zone
  6. Fresh Perspective on Your Space

Let’s dive in!

Clutter can be very overwhelming and cause great amounts of stress and anxiety.

Hiring a professional home organizer can help you remove the clutter in your life in a matter of days, which can be a transformational experience for your physical and mental space.

In addition to decluttering, a home organizer will also help you make the difficult decisions on what to keep and what to purge, donate, or trash. Hiring a professional to tackle decluttering and purging with you will achieve the best results personalized for YOU – and it will declutter your home in a sustainable way. Without the stress and anxiety which disorganization can cause, you will find your physical space and your mental space dramatically improve.

When you hire a professional organizer, you will save a ton of time and money. Those minutes you spend trying to find items you’ve misplaced add up. The dollars you spend repurchasing items you can’t find also add up. Once you have a home for every item, the amount of time and money you will save are truly priceless.

A client shared about how hiring a professional home organizer saved her time and money: “I hired ‘Imagine Organizing’ to organize my storage unit. All I can say is WOW. They exceeded my expectations. I thought I needed a larger unit, but they worked their magic. They saved me money and time. Normally it would take us about 20 -25 minutes to find items or I would just reorder. Now it takes us about 10-15 and we know what we have.” – Nikkita W.

A professional organizer will also give you tips and tricks on how to maintain an organized home. For example, if you have a ton of paperwork to sort through on a regular basis, a home organizer will implement a system for sorting, filing and discarding mail and other documents to prevent paperwork from piling up.

Whether its clothes, shoes, paperwork, an overstock of groceries, or any other source of clutter in your home, an organizer will give you personalized tips for how to resolve the clutter before it accumulates.

One client’s experience: “Working with Ruth was such a great experience! She worked with me to reimagine and organize space in my home to make it more functional for my whole family. She also gave me great tips on how to KEEP my space organized and functional. The best part of working with Ruth is knowing that she truly cares and comes in with no judgement of my messy spaces!! I definitely recommend Imagine Organizing and will continue to use Ruth for future projects and organizing needs in my home!” -Sharon M.

A huge benefit to hiring a home organizer is the experience they have with various projects, spaces and people. They can generally see your needs and how to achieve your decluttering goals in a way you may not have envisioned. As the experts, they’re constantly exploring new solutions and products which can be implemented into your specific organizing project.

For example, one client needed a dedicated workspace created after months of working from her couch. Here’s her testimonial on how Imagine Organizing helped her create exactly what she needed, in a way she hadn’t imagined:

“After COVID hit and I was working from home, I quickly realized I needed a home organizing service. I spent months working on the couch because it was the best location for me, close to the kitchen and in the room with the best light. Ruth and her team took furniture from elsewhere in my home – a desk from my guest room, my external monitor and keyboard from a pile in the basement – and created a workspace right next to the couch I’d been working from. Now I have a two-screen set up in that same room, close to the kitchen and with the good lighting. I never would have realized I had everything I needed for a workspace without their home organizing experience!” -AJ

Many people are concerned with letting strangers into their home to witness their clutter and disarray. This can cause a lot of anxiety! With a professional home organizer, however, you have a judgment-free expert who has seen it all. No matter what state your home is in, a seasoned home organizer will not pass judgment on your space. We love helping women and helping create that transformation in their lives. Sometimes asking a friend or family member to help declutter the garage or closet can come with a feeling of shame or a need to explain the situation. With a team of professional organizing experts, they see only an opportunity to change the space into something you love, which lessens the anxiety because you can trust them.

As one client said, “Ruth came by to see my cluttered and disheveled apartment and I was so embarrassed, but she didn’t judge me at all and was nothing but kind and respectful. After 2 full days of Ruth and 2 other lovely women came to help, my apartment was absolutely transformed. I was brought to tears when it was all done because I had accepted my life and never thought I would make this home feel like my home. Ruth made sure I had a place for EVERY item, art supply, knick-knack, accessory, EVERYTHING! Ever since she came to help me, I have been able to maintain the cleanliness because it’s not nearly as overwhelming and I know when I take something out, I know exactly where to put it back! I never thought I would LOVE my little apartment and I truly do and that is absolutely thanks to Ruth and her team! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this business and I am honestly so happy and excited for my life here in Georgia finally after months of being here!” – Emily S.

It can be difficult to see something different in a space you’ve stared at for so long. Having a home organizer come in with a new set of eyes can help you envision uses for an area of your home which you may have never considered before.

One great benefit of hiring a team of organizers is that you get multiple professionals dedicated to making your home the best, most useful space it can be. The fresh perspective combined with their expertise can often not just declutter your space, but reveal the beautiful home which was hiding behind all that stuff.

So now you know the benefits of hiring a professional home organizer in Atlanta. If you’re interested in hiring us, the first step is scheduling a complimentary consultation. During this initial meeting, we will look at your space and discuss your goals, timeline, and budget for the project. We will also snap a few “before” pictures for our own reference and measure your space.

Since our services are tailored to you and your unique situation, we want to get a good feel for you and your space, and what is working and not working for you so we can make personalized recommendations and create a plan together. This consultation lasts about an hour, and you do not need to do anything to prepare. To schedule this consultation, simply fill out our request form, and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Want to learn more about Imagine Organizing and what to expect when hiring us for your professional home organizing services in Atlanta? Visit our FAQs page!

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